Just for Fun: The Selfie Tutorial

Instagram – is the next application after Messages that I will check once in a while. And mostly, maybe around 40% is self portraits photos or the “selfie” , 30% on food they are about to eat, 20% on their present location, 10% on etc..

“Selfie” became revolutionary for people who wanted to capture a frame on themselves without asking someone to do it for them, which is for me, requires some skills, and series of practice to make a better selfie photos unless you have a front camera which you can have a preview. No one wants a crappy photos, right? haha! what the the hell am I thinking — doing this selfie tutorial. hahaha!

First, let’s start with the composition, depends on you, but most photographs that works (visually appealing) ¬†are tilted around 45 degree angle, to make things easier than achieving perfect horizontal alignment, and to give some space for the background to be on that frame.

(c) Sato Raypon

(c) Sato Raypon

Next to consider is the focal length, take it as wide as your camera can do to avoid super tight shot of your face.  Unless you want it to.

And the last one, is practice. The bottom line, is that you must know your camera and treat it as part of your hand.

That’s all.

Seriously, Knowing your gear is a must – the basic step in learning photography.